After Laura Neulip outs her bully she is cornered into lying about what really happened in order to save the reputation of the schools star athlete. In an effort to clear things up, the Neulip’s invite the family over for dinner, but find themselves in a messy situation. CHANGES is a spectacular, ambitious, and extremely satisfying short script written by Matthew Bryan and brought to life by Rhiannon Thomas, Stephanie Carpentieri, Gabriel Grier, Robinson Walsh, Julian Vlcan, and introducing Rayne Potter as the narrator.


Written by: Matthew Bryan
Directed by: Gary Jones
Produced by: Awfully Good Media


Narrator: Rayne Potter
Laura: Rhiannon Thomas
Alice: Stephani Carpentieri
David:Gabriel Grier
Tyler: Robinson Walsh
Ben: Julian Vlcan

Sound Supervisor and Editor: Ryan Gottshall

Recorded at Spacewalk Sound


Animal Assassins – Colorado 1864
Firework Festival – Game Changer ft. Robin Hawkin
Half Light – From Below
Joel Porter – St. Anthony