While waiting alone in a bus station, uncertain and insecure, one woman fights the urge to isolate herself and instead connects to the strangers around her to build a community.

Set to an original song created specifically for the project (now available on all digital streaming platforms), E T A combines the languages of music, dance, and film to communicate the power of unity as a peaceful weapon against the threat of division.

Director’s Statement

My collaborator Alexis Floyd and I wanted to experiment with the process of creating a dance narrative film. We began with a theme that fascinated us – self-doubt – and we sought out to conquer insecurity through a story told with the combined tools of movement, music, and film. Alexis wrote a song, and I wrote a script. Next, she choreographed a dance that followed the trajectory of the lyrics and the screenplay, and I conceived of the best ways to capture this all on camera. Along the way we realized that this collaborative process allowed us to walk the talk of the themes of unity we had wanted to explore from the outset, and we gained a community as strong as the one depicted on screen. E T A is a dance on film, a video set to music, but at its heart it is the product of this symbiotic process behind and in front of the camera. Our hope is that E T A spreads connection wherever it goes.