A man comes to terms with the loss of a home to which he could never return. Lost But Not Forgotten draws from the little known story of the St Kildans who in 1930 were forced to evacuate their remote island home, severing an ancient tie and bringing to an end an incredible story of survival.

Directors Statement

Ever since I first saw a photo of St Kilda I became fascinated by the history of this island archipelago off the west coast of Scotland and the people who were forced to evacuate it many years ago. It’s a piece of UK history that is relatively unknown, and looking around the world today, seeing a lot of forced migration, with people having to leave their homes behind, I felt the undertones of this story would connect with audiences.

It was a truly independent production, I set out with just my DP and the actor, filming amidst the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands, along with a bumpy 4hr boat ride into the North Atlantic Ocean to Sk Kilda, the incredible subject of our film. It was all a bit of a rush as we only had a few hours on the island to film what we needed, but an amazing experience in itself just to be in such a remote location. With the help of a number of people along the way we managed to achieve what we set out to do, an atmospheric film that sits somewhere between a visual poem and a short film, that brings to life the internal struggle of this character as a lament for St Kilda and its people.