In this absurdist comedy, a young woman is forced to come to terms with the extremes of her personality when she accidentally locks herself in a courtyard which quickly becomes crowded with clones of herself.

Mates was made by a one woman cast and crew, I decided to make this film as a personal challenge, to find out what kind of problems you would encounter as a filmmaker trying to write, shoot, star in and edit a film entirely by yourself. During production I faced problems that could easily be solved by having another person there that required me to find other, more creative solutions. I wrote the film and prepared for the shoot over four days, spending two days shooting and roughly two weeks editing the film and compositing the shots. In a way, the plot of the film is indicative of the process of making it, one person limited by a stifling environment of their own creation.

Mates has been officially selected at Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, For Film’s Sake, Utah Arts Festival, Short and Sweet and won best editing in a short at Vancouver International Women In Film Festival.