Set within the dark, dystopian and desperate confines of North Korea, 100 Bullets: Dead Ghosts is a singular online viewing experience.

Four years in the making, this heavily researched web-series is unlike anything before it – boldly fusing the seminal comic book 100 Bullets with the oppressive, Orwellian landscapes of North Korea to create an epic revenge drama.

Following a heavily indoctrinated North Korean soldier, Sam-Il, as he avenges the death of his wife and disowns the country he once loved, 100 Bullets: Dead Ghosts is an exciting and truly original entry into the pantheon of memorable comic book adaptations.

100 Bullets: Dead Ghosts is a 4 part series, watch the rest of the episodes here:

Part 2

Whilst fan films continue to draw millions of views on online platforms, they are often nothing more than association exercises, poorly written and directed pieces of work with nothing going for them except their association to beloved IP. When setting out to make 100 Bullets; Dead Ghosts we wanted to shatter this mould and make something truly engaging, with strong characters and bold film making, that wasn’t simply counting on its association to well known IP in order to be recognized. We hope that this web-series will set a precedent for young film makers wanting to get attention through short adaptations of their favourite IP and show them that they can make bold choices when adapting it.

Part 3

Part 4