A grief-stricken French expat in Taipei obsessively tracks down the man he believes is responsible for killing his family.

This stewed up animated short starts off as a neatly styled and imaginative film, but the narrative quickly turns the style to a secondary degree and devours your treated attention. This is a story of vengeance, memory, and the feeling of injustice. Gabriel is an everyday man in his thirties, lost in his thoughts ever since an assault on his family went wrong :

A bullet hit his daughter in the leg, another his head, and his wife ends up dead.

The hole in Gabriel’s head will not close up. He’s a prisonner of painfull memories that constantly remind him of the carnage. The film’s intent is to describe the inability to control certain feelings, and the reactions they give rise to. This feeling of injustice can sometimes reveal in the director a sort of disquieting animality. Gabriel is, to him, the receptacle of this state.

To look for a reason to this tragedy would be pointless… There isn’t one.

And as there is no reason, so does Gabriel loses his and becomes a kind of predator. He forgets his family and slowly sinks into a form of madness that lead him to track down animal shapes. This story is the imaging of a compulsive state, a vertiginous fall…

Gabriel is looking to hunt down the danger, with vengeance as a motivation.

While the majority of the film is shot on paper, 3DS Max and After Effects was then used to achieve the final touch on the film’s tender, but confusing visuals. Certainly a aesthetic that will leave a lasting impression to its audience when combined with rough story.