A widow faces a great erotic desire about a young man. The story takes place some time in the past.

Lily‘ is an atmospheric drama/thriller short film, inspired by baroque paintings. The piece was put together by Paris Grigorakis and shot entirely in Thessaloniki, Greece, where the style was draw from his personal past and avocation with classical painting and baroque art.

“Lily” describes the aspects of an emotionally and socially oppressed person who tries to contain her/his love, lust and desire of other people. I wanted to show the consequences οf that oppression and how this person changes drastically because of these.

This person could be any person who goes through any kind of oppression, I woman oppressed by her husband, a man or women oppressed by his/her family or friends or more generally by the sociopolitical system itself. That is the main goal of the film, to show through a stylized view this aspect of oppression.

A gripping cinematography merged with an incredibly suitable pace gives the film its sharpened sense. The wonderful attention to detail and textures in the decor gives each shot a life of its own. This all adds to the marvellous character development created by subtle movements and long tracking shots, with slow and mysterious reveals.